PhotoGrid Lite

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A powerful and light tool to create collages


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PhotoGrid Lite is a tool to create collages like the original PhotoGrid, but this one takes up much less space (just one third). Other than this subtle difference, the app has exactly the same potential, including retouching photos and applying countless filters.

Creating collages with PhotoGrid is simple. You just have to choose the photos you want to add to your collage, and once you're done, choose a frame. When you have a frame you like, you can retouch each of the photos individually by adjusting their brightness or saturation, or even apply filters.

PhotoGrid can do much more than just create collages. You can make posters using dozens of premade templates, create scrapbooks, or directly retouch any of the photos you have saved on your device.

PhotoGrid Lite is a great tool to create collages and retouch photos thanks to its incredible ease of use. In just a few minutes you can create spectacular compositions. And best of all, the app uses very little space on your device.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher